In a nutshell:

Many moons ago, throughout my childhood and into my thirties I was in showbusiness. I have a dancer's soul but was uncomfortable with the life. I then trained as a make up artist and worked in some lovely salons and stores. I still adore make up and perfume so don't be surprised if the odd post about them pops in! Parallel to this, my spiritual life was developing and my facial massages started to incorporate Reiki and meditation.

I became a Reiki Master and teacher and gradually added Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Flower Remedies, Crystal Healing and Reflexology.

The Tarot nudged me on and off for about ten years before the magical 'Ah ha!' moment and now it is a major part of my world. I'm a member of TABI - Tarot Association of the British Isles, where I am one of their free readers. I also give readings face to face and by email and as this blog develops, I shall be adding a PayPal facility to make the whole process easy to book.

Jewellery making came about by accident (or perhaps serendipity?) whilst living in the US, where I attended some classes and taught myself chain making. The action of weaving chain maille patterns is soothing and meditative and I hope this gentle energy infuses the pieces.

Wishing you bright blessings,


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